Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I accidently set off my alarm?

Deactivate the alarm using your access code. When our monitoring centre calls you, please identify yourself using your custom verbal password and advise that it is a false alarm.

What should I do if I go on holidays or have someone staying in my house while I am away?

Please contact Wise Group Security’s service line on 1300 11 9473. We will ensure that contacts are updated and take you through the process of setting up your guests with their own alarm access code. At this point we will also recommend you update your contact list if an alarm event should occur.

Can I arm my alarm while I am still at home?

Yes, depending upon your zone setup, you may arm specific zones (e.g. external doors and windows, garage) whilst still in the premises. This enables you and your family to still move about the house at night or while the alarm is set. To set the alarm in this mode select the stay mode on the keypad (for Paradox alarms). Should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the service team on 1300 11 9473.

My smoke alarm keeps beeping.

Please try change the batteries in the smoke alarm (or contact our service team on 1300 11 9473 and we will arrange for a technician to change the batteries, service and test your smoke alarm). This should resolve the issue. If the issue continues or the smoke alarm is a wired unit, it may be due to dust and debris or cobwebs on the smoke alarm sensor, or if there are temperature fluctuations in the room the smoke detector is located in. This may happen in the kitchen where hot pans are cooking or in rooms where the suns heat has heated a room on a hot day.

My alarm is showing a fault, what should I do?

Please call the service team on 1300 11 9473 and they will schedule a service call for a technician to attend your home and service the equipment. The service team may also be able to troubleshoot some issues over the phone.